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Sorry, I didn't mean any offence. Actually, British accents rock :P

Heh, cool :D

I think that episode of the podcast would be pretty helpful for people mildly concerned with network security. Good work ;)

Thanks, I would like to talk about something a bit more advanced next week though, not sure what though, any ideas?

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You'll find that a British accent is very good when dealing with Americans. We trust people with them, for some reason or another. Chris, your "TV announcer" voice is the sort of sound Americans totally buy into. At this point, the only thing that could be improved is maybe scripting, and removing the filler words (umm, uhh, et cetera). Very informative.

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Just listened to your podcast - nice. :) The background music is somewhat distracting, as is the "uh, ah, err". Aside from my obligatory constructive criticism, I'd say it's a great first start.

Oddly enough, I liked your voice... :D I agree that Americans find the British accent interesting. I'd say it sounds very 'refined' to us. (I've always wondered what the American accent sounds like to Brits)

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