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Moving- a little taste of hell

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In case any of you havent noticed I havent been around for the last few weeks. This is because I moved to a new apartment and I'm sure many of you have gone through what I went through.

Well for about the week before the actual move I was packing and bring some of the small stuff to my new place. The night before the move (I was staying in the same city so it wasnt that big of a deal) I realized that I still had to pack much more than I could do in a couple hours so I decided to pull an all-nighter which, long story short, was a bad idea (never mix exhaustion with sleepiness and beer) and I ended up falling asleep while cleaning the shower.

The next morning, in a panic, I shoved just about everything that wasnt packed into garbage bags and boxes which resulted in several fragile items being broken. So the movers come, load the truck, and get it over to my new place while I stayed behind to clean. I finaly get over there about 7pm and find out that while they were unloading the truck, one of the movers put the kitchen table on the apartment balcony and it (by some freak of nature I am to believe the outrageous story they gave me) ended up plunging 5 stories onto a car in the parking lot below, so now tired and exhausted again, I have a little old woman screaming at me to pay for her ancient rusty bucket-of-bolts to be repaired.

The cable company was late (3 weeks late) connecting my internet and cable so, when it is entirely not my fault, I have to pay a reconnection fee! My phone still hasnt been hooked up, and the building manager is continously bugging me to move a broken table from the parking lot (which, by my story, I know nothing about). I suppose it could have been worse though (y)

Anyway, feel free to share your own experiences with good/bad moves.

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