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Please welcome the newest addition to the 0 A.D. Programming Department. Nicolai Hähnle (aka prefect) is an OGL Programmer from Germany, currently studying mathematics and computer science at university in Padeborn.

He has 6 years' experience in C++ - more than 10 years' programming experience in total, deep understanding of OpenGL and 3D hardware in general, formal training in maths and CS, and experience working with teams over the internet, including "Return to the Shadows", a vertical scroller (http://www.rtts.org/) (virtually all programming), and "Widelands", a Settlers-like game, simulation and strategy (http://www.sf.net/projects/widelands) (most of the game logic, as well as some (software) rendering work).

His background also includes writing an open-source driver for the ATI R3xx family of graphics chips and a number of high profile tutorials for the Half-Life 1 modding community (http://hlpp.thewavelength.net/tutorial.htm).

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