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no option to quit the online game


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δεν πρεπει να εχει κανεισ επιλογη να τερματισει εναν ονλαιν αγωνα .

να δινετε ενα χρονικο περιθωριο να μπορει να επιστρεψει στο παιχνιδι αν του προκυψει καποιο προβλημα.-

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Unfortunately, as long as we will not have a dedicated server, this is not possible. The person who hosts, hosts the server. If for whatever reason they crash the game is over and cannot be recovered.

Another solution is implementing multiplayer saved games but so far nobody has taken that on.

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Hello this is Gulshan Negi

Well, this is a good suggestion, having a time window for players to return to a game if they have faced any issues can be a useful solution. This would provide a fair chance for players to rejoin a match if they faced any unexpected interruptions, without ending the game for everyone else. This can be implemented as a pause feature or a time-out option, which can be triggered by a player or automatically if the player disconnects.


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