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Does this happen to anyone else?

I practice old math comptetitions, but my average score for the

practice is always better than the score of the actual test.

Average AHSME/AMC12 score: about 130

2005 AMC12 score: 100.5

Average AIME score: about 10-12

2005 AIME score: 7 :)

And this isn't a math comptetition, but

Practice ACT score = 28

Real ACT score = 27

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Same here, except with the 04 USAMO and AIME. I barely understood their solutions when I read them much ess be able to solve them, but in the actual test, I got an 8 on AIME and 4 (out of 42) on the USAMO.

Other than that, yeah, I pretty much always do that. But I'm getting better. I'm not so nervous now.

It's probably something to do with the "I have to get a high enough score or else I'm going to make a fool of myself" feeling. Because, last year on the USAMO and AIME, I didn't have that feeling. I had more of "Whatever. The problems are interesting to think about, but it's not like I'll make it to the next test" feeling.

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