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Sound Designer wanted


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The 0 A.D. team is looking for a sound designer to plan the implementation of audio effects in the game as well as create them.

These are the qualifications that we're looking for in applicants:

1 - Samples of previous work in sound design.

2 - Previous experience in sound design.

3 - Previous experience in implementation of audio in games. While you will not be required to actually work with audio programming (we have a dedicated audio programmer for that), it will definitely be a benefit if you know the ins and outs of how audio works / should work in games.

4 - The ability to do sound recording. This is not a requirement, though.

5 - Teamwork abilities.

6 - Dedication and the will to 'see it through'.

These are the tasks involved:

1 - Designing the audio for the game. The audio effects will, among other things, include natural ambience, battle effects, unit responses and interface sounds.

2 - For the ambience and effects, it goes without saying that we require custom-made, non-copyrighted audio tracks. However, you'll also play a major role in deciding the 'when's and 'where's of how audio will function in the game and in what amount. There's no drawn-up plan for all the needed sound effects at this point, so there's plenty of room for creativity from your side.

3 - As for the voice acting, we're slowly getting together a cast of voice actors from all over the internet. Therefore, you'll also be involved in the process of cleaning and optimising voice recordings, as well as generally having an overview over what we have and what we still need.

Go to the application form page to apply if you're interested!

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