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Proposal (Mechanic bonus) Civ Selector of Bonus.


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In empire earth you could select the bonuses of your faction.


various factions are difficult to determine their bonuses and no one agrees.


Why not let player choose what they want to follow.

Unlike EE will only have Historical bonuses but will only choose the ones the player sees fit with his strategy.


the creator of this mechanic Rick Goodman tells us the following:

""One of the big features of the forthcoming strategy game "Empire Earth" (other than the 500,000 year time span the game covers!) is the ability to create your own custom empire. Rick Goodman, co-designer of Age of Empires and now hard at work on Empire Earth at his new company Stainless Steel Studios, has explained how this works.


"Using civilization points, a player can mix and match virtually any set of numerous attributes to customize his civilization in order to match his strategy. As a player, you can create a mighty civilization to help you conquer neighboring territories, or you can create a predominantly defensive civilization in order to help you fend-off foreign powers. For those of you, like me, who are empire builders, you can select powerful economic bonuses, which will help your civilization's development over many epochs of history.""



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