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Entertaining 1v1 Games for larger Popularity


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I have a Vision that 0ad can become popular in 1v1 Gaming


a) there must be more interaction between the players.

Especially in Phase I and Phase II.

b) Radius of barracs and towers to enlarge territory can be expanded, so that on small or medium maps it is possible to interact via tower, fortresses with the enemy and the territorial aspect becomes important. You see it if you play tiny map 1v1 - it can be epic with lot of potential

c) More Individual Choices

There can be different units, higher scissor rock paper potential and stronger defense in the beginning to let a game flow

More balancing units and more individual: For example rome cav speed bonus, iber cost bonus, sparta hp and defense bonus, ptol range (and little speed bonus), carth high attack versus inf

and a lot of ideas like that

d) larger buttons, ready for 4k and more hotkeys (easier control) - not the extreme klicking (aps) wins, but stretegical decisions

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