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Hi, I was wondering if there was any mechanic for units or buildings having areas on themselves where they could walk. I don't mean like turrets, where the units are stationary in relation to the main unit, I mean more like a small section of terrain as part of a unit. If something like this exists, I thought it could be interesting to try out using something like that for wall, siege towers, and ships. That could allow, for example, a siege tower to carry a group of units up to a wall and unload them onto the wall's walkable area to try to capture the wall. That would make siege more interesting, and more realistic. 

If this feature is already in the game, could someone please show me how to use it? If it is not in the game, but could be added in a mod, how would I get started adding that feature? If adding it would require changes to the game engine, could one of the developers please add it? I realise that it would probably be difficult, but I think it could be a major improvement.

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It's not in the game and it requires C++ changes. Adding navmeshes is a complex topic however and I'm not sure it can be done currently.

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