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Playing LAN without any problem:

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First of all, I would like to advise that I am not really used to forums. I am so sorry if I make any mistakes or if I do anything wrong.

My main problem is the following: I want to play with a roommate to 0ad but as we use the same wifi we can not play togheter, we dislike 1v1 games and we usually play 2v2 so we don't care about rankings but none of us can host a room for the other to play togheter and we have to keep waiting for someone to make 2v2 room. 

I understand that 1v1 games with the same wifi are logicaly banned but I don't quite understand why nonranked games are banned too. We tried also in the alpha23 the "anyip mod" but it didn't work either. We also tried to make a wifi with our phones or other devices but didn't work either. 

We just want to play unrankeds for fun but can't even play without people ragequiting and closing their rooms or in general we can't even play sometimes.

Wish someone can help us a bit.

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Do I understand correctly that you aren't interested in 1v1- games? Because otherwise there is no need to enter the lobby in the first place, just click multiplayer -> host game and get your friend to join your IP. As for the other part I'm not quite sure since accounts are hooked to your IP and not the wifi directly - so what exactly is the problem?

Which version are you playing?
Do you have any mods installed?
What happens when you try connecting to a game?

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info questions
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