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How do you use the camra paths in scnario editor?


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I have noticed the "Cinema Demo" Scenario map in 0ad which does a cool pan around the map. I tried to do this in the cinema tab in the scenario editor but it did not seem to work when I played it. Is there documentation or a guide to get this to work in the Scenario editor or is it not possible without modifying the XML map file. Or is it not implemented yet?

Thank you.

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I actually found documentation for it however i couldn't get it to work because it would flash into cinema mode when i played then it would go away and didn't work.

Is there any tutorials about this. I was able to include a trigger script and use the code in the manual to try an launch the cinema but as I said, it had not worked.

The documentation was [here](https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Cinematics_Tab)

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