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Enemy Territory

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Enemy territory is a free multiplayer FPS based on RTCW. It's pretty cool, not just shooting and jumping around.

There are 2 teams: Axis or Allies. Axis are usually on defence and Allies on offence. Usually you have to complete one or more objectives in a map. An example is stealing a tank from the Axis, escorting it to the bank, blowing up the doors of the bank, getting the gold and escorting the truck to your original base.

In the game there are several classes:

- soldier (heavy weapon class: panzerfaust, flamethrower, portable machinegun, mortar)

- medic (low on ammo, can revive killed team mates and drop med packs)

- engineer (can place landmines, repair/build stuff, place dynamite, has gun that can shoot grenades or just the standard MP 40/Thompson)

- covert ops (can steal an enemy uniform, can have a sniper rifle or a silenced one, can spot mines, has a satchel to blow up stuff like command posts)

- field ops (can call in artillery support by watching through his binoculars, call in an air strike by throwing some kind of grenade and can drop ammo packs)

Next to that you can also gain experience. You do this in 3 ways:

- killing enemies with your light weapons (mp 40, thompson, grenade or for example a sniper rifle used not for sniping)

- getting hit or hitting enemies without getting killed and walking around a lot

- doing stuff that's unique to your class (sniping, building stuff, healing people, killing enemies with an air strike, etc)

The advantage of gaining experience is that you go higher in rank and become a lot more powerful. Examples are starting with more ammo or health, being able to spot landmines of you're close to them, longer artillery support, reviving team mates so they are at full health instead of half, etc).

Pretty cool game imo, especially if you're getting used to it. If you ever feel like playing it be sure to join a 3-6 map campaign with 12-20 players max on it, more will become unplayable in most cases.

Oh, and my nick on there is rod, if you ever want to play me :)

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heh I would be GFL_Tyler, a hopeless noob who can't kill a single enemy unless it's another GFL person named Micro (always on his team and he seems to be around every corner in an enemy uniform) or on a bunch of custom maps. My speciality? sneaking up to obj and destroying it in various methods... few of which the map looks like it that was an expected method of victory :)

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It's one of the few games that runs well on my pc :)

My specialty is a bit of everything, depending on which map. Usually engineer, but soldier with flamethrower is pretty cool of you have to capture or defend spawn points.

Medic is nice too, your health is pretty high and you can easily heal yourself.

You shouldn't play me then DKATyler, I usually end up in the top 3 after a campaign :)

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