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macOS - replays requiring no mods get ignored when you enable mods


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I can't figure out why the game is upset with some of my basic replays. I can see the connection between missing mods and replays not showing up - that makes sense, you don't have the mod, you can't access a necessary resource. However, the opposite should not be true. Say I have 30 mods, but the replay requires none of them; that replay should be accessible to me, right?

logs/interestinglog.html is blank. The rest of the logs are generic, nothing revealing issues loading a replay.

macOS 10.14.4 on a 3rd Gen Core i5, 32GB ram, RX580 8GB, running 0.0.23 (21946MP-release).

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Word of warning: those of you trying this: the replays attached are single player, make sure you don't filter them out.


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No that's the same because mods can alter the way the replay is computed. Eg some unit stat or a whole component. The replay is just a list of commands. It will not be the same depending on what mods you have loaded.

Of course we should support more mod types but currently we do not.

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