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Very Short and Simple Hero Suggestion.


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Hey guys, I'm kind of a noob here but been playing LOTR's BTME II for a while and feel like this game is only just shy of being as intuitive and fun as that game. 1 of the obvious points I've noticed after playing for a couple weeks is that I feel like the Heroes are a little bit 1 dimensional. So I made 3 really simple proposals (from the POV of a programmer) that might make these heroes feel more valuable in the game.

1. No Revive hacks, this isn't World of Warcraft. Get rid of the ability to buy the Hero again after they have been killed. This makes killing enemy heroes worth while, and will make players more careful with how they use their heroes. If you manage to lose all 3 heroes, you have no more heroes left to use, this will force more strategic game play and decision making.

2. Give the Heroes 3 Levels of advancement just like regular units. As a default I would consider all of the Heroes current stats as Maximum level 3 stats. Thus Level 1 & 2 would make the Hero slightly weaker with lesser Damage, HP, Armor, etc... (Unlocking passives could also be unlocked by advancing levels, but this might make things too complex for the programmers). By simply introducing levels for heroes using the same structural system that is used for regular units, we could make these heroes a little bit more vulnerable in early game, and thus make players be more strategic in how they deploy these Heroes before reaching max level.

3. Make Heroes more accessible in early game by allowing them to be purchased at the town Phase from a civic center. This will also streamline moving between classes, because currently all of the Heroes are housed in different structures depending on what faction you are playing as. Simplifying this one aspect could make the learning curve a little bit easier for new players, and make playing other factions less intimidating, because players will always know where to get the powerful Hero units, (From the Civic Center after Town Phase).

I think this would work fine with the current instance of the game as there is no reference to the Heroes in the Tutorial, so nothing would have to be changed there. Just making these minor "Copy-Paste" type modifications could go along way towards making the game-play a little bit more dynamic, and engaging as far as it concerns the Heroes.

All of that said, would be interested in hearing any other thoughts or ideas from players on the forums here about simple ways to improve the heroes, or any critiques of my particular proposal. Honestly, the Historical Heroes could really add a cool dimension to the game if they were given just a little bit more attention. I think it might be worth while to invest a little bit more time into improving their stature within the context of the game. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did!


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