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Hello everyone!

May 15, 2020

:pirate: So I (@HappyConcepts) am clearly not an artist but ...I like RTS

So I am very happy indeed to present my mod for your gaming pleasure.
Let’s feed your soul with pursuit of princely treasure!

Aye pirates :pirate:! Plenty of ships we find laden 
with cinnamon, silver, or ivory or gold!
In this life of adventure, lad You will ne’er grow old

Aye pirates :pirate:, known as scourge 
of the seas and the shallows!
Yet I have known many who 
Would not rightly deserve gallows
There be many with letters of Marque 
those Kingsmen … those killers!
Those wretched devils! Those privateers!
Those frigates wreck’d and those thund’ring nines!
Watery graveyards remember no crimes.

Aye mates rejoice! Brethren drink in this night!
Aye pirates! :pirate:
For freedom!
For treasure!
For fun! 
For the fight!


Ummm yes I look forward to as much input as possible.

The art is obviously lacking at the point but there are several hundred hours of play-testing put in over the past 13 months and I must say I really enjoy playing this mod! I hope you enjoy it and please post questions, ideas, suggestions here! The github should be up soon ...

Please stay safe, COVID is a killer in these unprecedented times!




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first time, image wasnt in the spoiler
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