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One Last GG


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A little bit of interesting and I can say quite balanced one.

Elite Team: Pudim (Gauls, bbgotbanned (Persian), Landlord (Seleucid), Micky 1181 (Iberia) 

Chrstgtr Lead Team : Chrstgtr (Macedonian), KIMINCARNATE 1316 (Macedonian), Dizaka (Gauls), servo (Iberia)

Chrstgtr is facing Landlord on the west and Pudim opposite Dizaka on the east. bbgotbanned is closer to Landlord and a looming double is undeniable.

I can say Elite team is a bit OP and from the very beginning it was obvious that civilization wise they are better with bonuses. Landlord raided Chrstgr and constantly doing it and kind of neutralized him. 

Pudim took some Dizaka"s women and slowed him down a bit too. At this moment it seems that our frontlines are in real danger. And as soon as bbgotbanned built a second CC near Chrstgtr border and send his rams while Chrstgtr is still in P2, then simultaneously Pudim begins attacking Dizaka things become unfavorable for our team. Pudim reduced Dizaka population to almost below 100 while could barely manage to defend. KIMINCARNATE sent his troops to partially quell the onslaught on the western front and I sent forces to Dizaka to at least slowed down Pudim. I slowly trained some firehorses and managed to help a bit on both flanks to destroy destroy attacking Rams while Chrstgtr is building sieges.   

commands.txt metadata.json

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