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Some ideas for seleucids mercenaries


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Tarantine Cavalry

The Seleucids employed a number of Tarantine cavalry, either as mercenaries or – more likely – equipped and trained in the "Tarantine fashion". They were present at the Battle of Panium[49] and the Battle of Magnesia.



At the Daphne parade, there was also a regiment of 'picked', known as Epilektoi, horsemen, numbering 1,000. The Epilektoi were most likely recruited from the city of Larissa, which was founded by colonists from Larissa on the Greek mainland. After the loss of Media, the main recruiting ground for the Agema, to the Parthians, the Epilektoi were given the title and role of the Agema by Alexander Balas. They are best used where the decisive action will take place, either to force their way through enemy infantry, or to repulse the heavy cavalry of the other Greek states.



Toxotai syriakoi (implanted)


Kardouchoi Pantodapoi

These Kurdish spearmen were provided by the client-kingdom of Media Atropatene. Antiochus III, after breaking Molon’s revolt, invaded Atropatene, who had declared itself fully autonomous, and established it as a client-kingdom once again. Being a client-kingdom, Atropatene was obliged to supply the Seleucids with manpower. The Kurdish soldiers supplied by Atropatene were levy spearmen with little training and poor arms. Armed with a basic spear, no armour and a large wicker sparabara shield, they can take on other levy and light troop and hold their own against light cavalry. They have poor moral and will be the first to break when the odds are stack against them since they have little commitment to the Seleucid cause. But they are cheap, expendable units, a means for a strategos to preserve and not bleed out his Seleucid troops proper.


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