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Unknownland 4v4 Hard-fought game


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Team Nanub : Nani, Diezaka, Caesar, Servo

Team Aristotle : Aristol, Rauls, Lapantiencos, Itrelles

 It's a NUbmad game and a mediterranean cove like map. I was Iberian as usual and built at 9 o clock. Saw itrelles with his Mauryan nearby and built closer to me. Nanub and Diezaka were farther south below me. Diezaka built nearby the shore but Caesar was separated and alone behind in the enemy lines. I decided to rush when I saw lots of hunts. Caesar managed to build ahead of Rauls and slowed him down a bit and manage to transport units to our safe side just in case. As expected Caesar got easily favela for being in the wrong and worst place alone. But my other fast and furious teammates managed to put up a CC each above me and began sieging their front (itrelles). Seems like an easy roller coaster for Nanub and Diezaka but Itrelles and Aristotle with the help of Rauls catas managed to stall our land offensive. Lapatiencos made a sneaky beachhead attack and destroy Diezaka main base and in a surprise turn of events our offensive is slowly pushed back, and we were slowly losing the original gains. Until our decorated Nanub general decided to change tactic :P.



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