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thankforpie from PL vs kim jong un from korea - (SMASHHHHHEEEEEDDDDD)


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had very long break, cant believe how rusty i am, but I won anyway

i did a lot of mistakes that im correcting now


this forum category seems quite dead so ill put replay here



(to watch it you need to put it in replays folder in Documets/My games/ 0 ad/replays)

and you need to have FGOD or edit txt file and remove part with fgod



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Thanks for uploading. I'm adding my commentary as a spoiler:



That looked like a long and tiring game. Near the end it still was very balanced, but Kim seemed to stop believing and trying. Only then he really lost. Key factors:

  • Idle units. Since it was a 200 pop only game, those 15 forgotten units were relatively costly. They were probably supposed to be getting wood.
  • Metal & bartering. You had more metal mines available and didn't even scout them. Kim scouted some extra mines but he didn't expand to them. You bartered several thousand more metal. Kim could barter more too but he didn't.
  • No rushing. I noticed even a later camel rush could have done a lot of damage. Similarly when you took all soldiers into the attack. Try doing this against ValihrAnt. :-)



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