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What a Game!


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Real winter battle:

Team B: Boudica (Romans), Itrelles (Gauls), Unknown_Player (Britons), AtendedorBoludos (Iberians)

Team F: Fpre (Romans), Vasil9555 (Gauls), PrincipalityOfZeon (Persian), servo (Iberian)

 I and Boudica were facing on the east front and with the snowy map the hunts are aplenty. I realized I need to rush and slowdown Boudica but the result was bad. Boudica rushed Fpre and did much better. Fpre was my pocket and Itrelles is Boudica's pocket. I was too behind in everything when everyone else is in P3 but Fpre forced ahead to P3 and attack Boudica but was repulsed. Our front has a never ending battle wherein there were no gains or counterattacking advance on both sides( I never had any unit upgrades until late in the game). On the other front my teammates seems to start a pretty good offensive but was repulsed too and counterattacked that PtincipalityOfZEon lost his CC and end up with less than 10 pop. He rebuilt his CC in the middle and with very tremendous defensive effort of Vasil9555 he was able to regain his pop.

Midway in the game Fpre was down to 110 something pop and seemed to be afk and the enemy has maintained or able to accumulate max pop. AtendedorBoludos champ cavalries are ravishing deep behind enemy lines destroying CCs and structures but I guess he should have done something more on the frontlines. Seems like their effort to bring Vasil9555 into submission has very little or low progress. Meanwhile I started to slowly upgrade and training champs for defensive purposes and later for cavalry raids. I was able to take down couple of their defensive towers and help take down strategic forts then build my offensive tower to aid on Fpre siege of Boudica. Itrelles battalion of elite slingers and Boudca's swordsmen were wrecking havoc on our offensive thrust. Boudica's attempt to build siege camp was thwarted and he stayed defensive most of the time. 

Quite a balanced team and was really thrilling...




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