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Is there any nerf planned for gauls and britons?

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It is no coincidence that in teamgames of 8 people often 6 of them pick either gauls or brits when there are way more civs.


They have good heros and receive bonus pop from barracks and other buildings. that makes them achieve full pop + fortress and first rams about minute faster than other civs can.


Is there any nerf in plans?

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23 minutes ago, (-_-) said:

No it means the current meta is broken. There is nothing wrong with a spam faction. It just needs a good meta to go along with. Goths from AoE2 is a classic example.

spamming units and fast growth is something that will always be important.


IMO it will be easier to nerf 2 civilizations than to buff every civilization except these two.

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Maybe make it to where different factions can have stronger or weaker individual units then others, so the gauls and Britons have more numerous but weaker units. As right now literally almost every unit of the same class has the exact same stats, regardless of faction (roman units should be better then undisciplined barbarians in light armor).

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