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4v4 nice game


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T1:  Boudica (Gauls), Palaiologos (carthage), Edwarf Iberia), Itrelles (Rome)

T2: Luzbel (Ptolomy), Fleur (Maurya), Carid (Rome), servo (Seleucid)

Map: Mainland (probably the best Mainland map I have ever played on 4v4; few hunts and pine trees and secret raids/attacks not too viable). All players were random Civs.

The balance is quite fine though our team is solid T1 has Boudica the best player. Edwarf is their front in the north facing Luzbel at 2 o'clock with Boudica as his pocket. Carid (me as his pocket)in the south facing Itrelles (with Palaiologos as his pocket).

The map has no metal or stone in the middle but there is extra metal and stone in between Boudica and Palaiologos ( near their borders), another one in the outskirts of Luzbel and Fleur borders and one in the outskirts between Carid and Itrelles borders. These extra resources imo did not matter as if they were irrelevant when the fighting started. Most of the time on a team game (as I have/had noticed if there is same Civs on every team they are facing each other so Itrelles and Carid as Rome were facing in the south.

 Itrelles trained a fair amount of cavalries for raiding but did not do very well on his favor. As expected Boudica (Gauls) raced to P3 very fast with Iberia and Rome ally team bonuses help a lot too. Just after Luzbel made his first fort he attacked with 4 rams and close to 100 skirmisher and some Edwarfs units destroying it. Luzbel was left with one hero elephant a nearby tower & pikemen and some skirmishers and without swordsmen to counter the Rams. For whatever reason they withdraw after they destroyed the fort, probably he saw Fleur unit coming, more than a hundred archers and couple of elephant archers. And with less military support from Edwarf, Boudica will have difficulty overcoming Luzbel. On the other front me and Palaiologos are almost even but Carid is getting ahead on Itrelles since he did not train many cavalry. I built a colony and fort near middle toward Palaiologos but he built 2 forts towards me (itrelles built his fort besides Palailogos front fort, maybe for secret Rams :P, but a bad strategy imo). The south battle showed the importance of protecting and destroying of siege weapons as Carid methodically advanced and thrusting towards Itrelles less defended base and sieging Palaiologos flank. Me and Plailogos were at stalemate in the middle as I made blunders after blunders of attack, in one instance he killed my elephants with his garrisoned cavalry. The battle in the north is about numbers and neither opposing parties made any significant advances. In the end when Carid overwhelmed Itrelles and Palaiologos forces on the west he thrusted towards Boudica and they resigned.




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