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Play Hard Pays Off


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Late night 3v3 relic Rhine Marshland map

T1:  JC(as usual sparta), Servo(rome), 12edVipe12(Iberia)

T2:  bbgotbanned(Briton), Prodim(Gauls), CADG_Lulofun(rome)

I am aware that there's some kind of curse that bbgotbanned feel(most or everytime lose) whenever Prodim is playing. But this time they showed their more love than hate(fun) relationship. 

I was flank and our Iberian ally 12edVipe12 too with JC on pocket. CADG_Lulofun is flank and opposite me, Prodim pocket and bbgotbanned flank opposite our Iberian ally.

The game started with bbgotbanned rushing 12 edVipe12 that our ally almost quit earlier coz he has only that forest(being raided) to gather wood. I was expecting our ally to play decently coz of his rating(1400+) but he did not. JC did not bother to support our ally early on so he became too behind that even he went P3 Prodim and bbgotbanned attack finally made him quit despite JC is there.

I started slow but eventually got ahead on CADG. Surprisingly he attacked my fort camp(with just 1 Ram but many troops) that I was caught unprepared for defense. I repulsed but my executions were too shabby that I lost quite a lot, My little knowledge of the map cost me some tactical blunder too thinking that my left front has a choke that he will not attack from there. The lakes are crossable on most part IMO so I did not put up much troops there. Though I repulsed all his attack he eventually almost subdued me but for some reason maybe a team decision instead of killing me methodically he went towards JC base and all 3 of them attacking JC. That battle there was like a waterloo for T1 where the Spartans thrive and repulsed around 7 to 8 Rams and many troops. I think that was the turning point. Though JC raid hard on their eco and my Hero raided too. JC was able to build a dock for trade up northeast and me trying to keep the market trading too.  

I almost quit the game coz it was late(I normally don't quit on a team game as long as I have a unit alive) and CADG is slowly killing me but I decided to stay until finish or JC quits but he did not so the game went on and we won.







Another hard fought game:

JC team vs Decger team. A seesaw battle. No question about JC and Decger skills but two becoming strong players namely Palaloigos and Vick shone. 




Relic Nomad game: 

Causative, Dizaka and Pass Vs bbgotbanned, Prodim and servo

Quite hard to believe how we won despite being behind on level? Or my allies are good at this type of game?




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