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Adjusting Terrain

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If I had a building design (mesh) and wanted to have a small piece of terrain adjust to a predefined layout that fit the building mesh what would I need to mod? This action would take place every time the player constructed this building. Can this be done through the XML files?


For example, the terrain would adjust to create a small hill every time the player built a fort structure. Another example would be to combine props and a few small structures along with the terrain to create a fort structure.




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Currently you cannot make walkable meshes. You can make props adapt to terrain like what fields, and certain things blocking (ie walls) like it's done for gate, but if you make the slope in 3D units will go through and not follow the shape.

There is currently no way to deform terrain after placing a building. It was planned at some point and there is a trac ticket for it, but I don't know what the current plan is.

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