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Found 2 results

  1. @LordGood You have done an amazing job with the Kushite architecture, and it's basically good to go. But if you have time, and since we're reaching new heights in historicity with this faction, I wanted to add my final list of suggestions for the buildings as well. I'll just discuss one building per post, and try to keep it as clear as possible. Sundiata's selected nitpickery, part 1, the CC: Please don't shoot me : ) Ok, so for the CC, I have no suggestions for the building itself, it's just perfect! One thing that bothers me is the way the steps are only at the front and don't go
  2. If I had a building design (mesh) and wanted to have a small piece of terrain adjust to a predefined layout that fit the building mesh what would I need to mod? This action would take place every time the player constructed this building. Can this be done through the XML files? For example, the terrain would adjust to create a small hill every time the player built a fort structure. Another example would be to combine props and a few small structures along with the terrain to create a fort structure.
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