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First of all sorry for the futur mistake, im french canadian, i ll try my best to write well in english. When the game have a lot of unit  or player, the game starting to lag. But i think you could improve that If you do this :  Remove the sheep unit from the coral, and replace them by this.        Coral Build sheep, but the sheep staying inside of the building( so you dont have extra unit on the map) and if you want to harvest sheep, You must put some Cav inside of the building. Each coral could have Example up to 5 cav inside of it to gather. i think we that idea you could balance the game for cav + Saving lag. Well it just an idea. Have a nice day.  And sorry i didnt know where to post this.

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Most of the lag is due to the pathfinder routine that has to calculate where each unit is moving to next so more units means that this takes longer period your change of game play would not have the effect you outlined as everything is still in need of running though the pathfinder we are working it it is not a trivial(easy) problem.

Enjoy the Choice :)

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Those 1500 sheep on the map when you play 4 vs 4 arnt not nessary + all those cav moving up and down to gather it, Yeah i agree it wouldnt not take all the lag away,. Just tell me why those 1000 sheep and + cav moving up and down are nessaary ? when you could just let them inside of the building, That will take less sttuff to the computer and help game performance. Do im right ?  When i play starcraft II , And they starting to have too much iddle unit on the map i start lagging. This is the samething could be easyly avoided with this trick that i gave you

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