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walkable 3d model bridge

Guest kazutoo

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Hey, I am making a new map for 0AD, I have a lake in the center of the map, and i want to put a bridge over it from one side to the other.

I have seen maps with bridges, but these bridges were build by elevating the ground above sea level and put a rig on the side. which in this case makes the bridge walkable and blocks ships.
But by definition, this ain't a bridge, but a dam, it blocks everything including the water from going through to the other side.

What i want:
a bridge that is walkable for units, blocks ships, and not being ground, but a 3d model instead.
Why I want this? I want the water to go beneath the bridge to the other side, otherwise it's basically a dam instead of a bridge.

Basically like a real bridge.

Is this somehow possible?

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