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Minifaction talk -design.


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Here we follow the design of minifaction.

my ideas.

  • one hero 
  • one champion unit
  • no wonders( only few exceptions)
  • special for campaign maps/scenario.
  • rooster composed by full faction units.
  • rooster composed with unique units
  • unique architrcture
  • generic architecture from a full faction already in the game.
  • ai very simple and change easil by a superior for. 
  • Betrays human players
  • ask resources to their allies.
  • represent minor cultures
  • Unbalanced for gameplay proposes.
  • focus in 3 types of units or classes.
  • cities with historic influence or part of historic battles, (Pergamon, Judea, Phoenicia, Rhodes,Syracuse).
  • minor Kingdoms, Pontus, Numidia, Thracia, Illyria.
  • own emblem or not full historic.
  • rebels, pirates, mercenaries. (Spartacus Army, Cilicia Pirates, Zealots, Gladiators)



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