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BattleZone 98 Redux (a remastered hover-tank strategy game from 1997)

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This game is really cool, after recently beating both campaigns on hard I feel that I've finally mastered it. Back in the 1990s I was a child so I couldn't follow basic orders in this game. BattleZone is known as an RTS-FPS hybrid, in the game you can build a communication tower and then access a satellite, which allows you to command your units in RTS style. Usually you fly around shooting things with creative weapons! I personally liked BattleZone 2 a lot more but I haven't played it since 2002-2003. Watch some BZ2 below


It's a funny game because you can never play it like an actual RTS - enemy ships race into your base and the player must do much of the fighting himself, sometimes your ship is destroyed and you bail out. When on foot you have a jetpack (only in BZ2) so there is a survival element to BattleZone. It's good to retreat sometimes - getting stuck in enemy territory is high risk! BattleZone 2 impresses me the most because of the lighting effects and the different planets: Mire (a swamp planet with hostile raptor-like creatures), Bane (an ice planet with large animals that can attack vehicles, also there is ice that your tracked vehicles can fall through), then there's Rend (a planet full of volcanoes and lava, with minimal vegetation) and there is also The Dark Planet which has flashing blue crystals and an apparently synthetic surface, and finally there is a planet called Core which is an artificial planet that is home to the Scions (a race of people with spiritual/socialist views who are derived from humans). The characters and alien worlds were better in BZ2, BZ1 features only planets in our galaxy.

You'll see in the video that while on foot, the player can snipe enemy pilots from their hovertanks, but you cannot snipe tracked vehicles. The rules on sniping turrets vary based on difficulty, and in BZ1 I think you can only snipe a turret when it's undeployed. Cool stuff! I wish they'd remake BattleZone 2 but that's a pipe dream. Rebellion Studios said they wouldn't do it.

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