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This forum is primarily for discussion for gameplay balance in format of:

Topic: Subject to be tested (e.g. Early game Cavalry Skirmisher rush) and description.

Replies to Topic: Replays of games (1v1s are best) that involve the subject of testing. Analyze the game (mistakes, well-executed aspects, etc.) and write a summary. Commentary of balance is encouraged, but must have a replay reference. Also, please include the revision of the game that was tested!


Proposed balance changes will be written by team members for visibility and comments in this forums as well. When a new balance-changing change occurs, topics of outdated revisions will gain a new post with the changes.

Do note that in order to keep this efficient, topics created may be edited/deleted/moved/merged to make the format of this subforum concise and consistent.

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An archive forum makes sense once we have older posts to archive ;)


There is a suggestions post: 


I don't think guides belong in this forum, they are useful for everyone not just testers, but perhaps there can be a link to them in the intro topic. :)

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23 minutes ago, Phalanx said:

Question: Is this forum just for replays and build/strat discussion, or is it for balancing/roster discussion also?

It is just for testing discussion. Balancing etc can go in the general discussion and ideas forum. :)

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