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[Scenario] A Roman invasion in the Alps


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Hi everyone,

So, I just kind of modified the Alpine Valley map (which I really like, being a defensive player) in order to militarise it a bit. In this scenario, you can either root for a local farmer/hunter village, supported by a local Gaulish militia, or for a stray Roman legion that lost its way in the Alps and is camping for winter. There's also a mad ermit in a corner but he doesn't seem to be interested in listening to you.


Topological changes from the original map

  • The tiny valley south of the Lake (which has excellent natural defences but is delicate for expending) is now inhabited by Gauls
  • The Player 1 position is much more defensible, with the main path sealed by a mountain, which has a plateau accessible only from the Gaul side
  • Wolves. So many wolves. And goats. And wolves. Did I mention wolves?
  • I also closed another section in the Northern area, to make it easier for players to settle there


Faction 1: the Arvernes
The original dwellers of this land run a small farming village in the Player 1 position, south of the map. They have a small cavalry troop they use for hunting the numerous predators around. This faction is in a privileged position to collect tons of food and wood, and to mass-produce new units. It's also the faction with the smallest starting military. This is by far the easier side to pick.


  • You can rely on your cavalry skirmishers to kite most (but not all!) enemy units, which are slower than yours.
  • You need to catch up with the other players in terms of troops, but if you survive the start of the map, you will be able to dominate easily.
  • Be discrete, don't let the Romans find you until you're ready. You're vulnerable on the Northern side so consider a fort or stone walls.
  • The Southern side is super defensible. Look at your mountain carefully, and find pathways to a plateau where you can build a fortress by the lake, and a small path for a very, very high tower that will shoot anywhere in the valley north of you
  • If you're desperate for stone, you can destroy the sanctuary of the Old Gods for stone. The Children of the forest might begrudge you, though. And winter is coming.



Nice home!X5feoZ4.jpg

Proper wolf management


Faction 2: the Namnetes
The Gaul is already unified in this scenario, and the Namnetes have a military presence in the Alps to help against Roman invaders. I have not played this faction, but they are basically able to resist the Roman invasion. They're basically a buffer state for player 1, but they can end up with very good defences as the path to their base is narrow. Ideal for forts.





Faction 3: the Romans
This is the invading force, and the hardest player to play. They start with about 60 military, but they have not yet finished setting camp! I went for a traditional double-walled Roman camp. Unfortunately, a section of the siege wall is not built yet, and most tents are not up. Whilst this faction has a strong starting army, they will struggle to catch up economically and collect resources. So, the starting advantage isn't really one that will allow you to win. You will need to be clever about turning each confrontation to your advantage until you can catch up.


  • Clearly, the double walled Roman camp is a strategic tool that you must use. Gauls (especially when played by the AI) are not keen on thinking and coordinating and will just rush. Let them in, close the gates behind them and let your towers do the rest.
  • Once the Gauls have stronger units and siege units, and once your base can no longer be contained in the starting area, you'll need additional towers and walls to keep trapping your enemies. The South is easy to defend. The East is a bit harder but you can rely on very heavy arrow firepower with a manned fortress.
  • Keep in mind that the enemy will breach your defences, so you need to be ready to re-position your workers for combat and garrison your civilians at any time.
  • Don't neglect the outposts, and make sure to clear wolves in your own woods. Good visibility and a safe retreat are useful when the enemy storms in.
  • Extending beyond your wall will prove difficult, as enemies won't let you build there. Establish a large presence with sturdy units at the front and lots of firepower at the back. You need to get your workers to build a fort in the central area, and hold it.
  • As the Gauls will be quicker than you, you'll certainly face local towers in the central area when you arrive. Steal them, man them, and build next to them to strengthen your hold, rather than attempt to build alone in a corner.
  • Spare your units. As you develop slower and will capture less land than others, you'll run out of everything first. Build many temples near your expected defensive positions and micro-manage your wounded units back to safety.




Nice camp, too bad it's not finished

If you man the outpost and need to pee, hold it, soldier!

Download (current version: 0.1)
Mirror 1: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11982
Mirror 2: http://www.filedropper.com/alpinesettlement01

I apologise for the crappy file host, the forum won't let me upload attachments. It thinks every single file is above 5MB. If someone knows a way to fix that, hosting it on wildfiregames.com would be much appreciated!



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