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"Testing translations" section of "Localization" wiki page has some instructions.

Note that the current version of localization is corresponding to the dev (SVN) version of the game. If your intention is to properly test the localization, you better to install the dev version (if you currently using a release one).

If you want to play Alpha 19 with the latest Bulgarian translation, this should work too, but the translation will be partially incompatible (part of text will be untranslated and part of translation won't be used).

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Hi, I see fcxSanya has already given you the information that you needed. If you need any more help, I'd be more than happy to help you in Bulgarian.


Здравей! Виждам, че fcxSanya  вече ти е дал нужната информация. Ако ти трябва допълнително помощ, за мен ще е голямо удоволствие да ти отговоря на роден български.

P.S. Alpha 20 will probably contain the Bulgarian language out of the box. The reason you have to install it manually now is because the Bulgarian translation was finished after the release of Alpha 19

П.С. Алфа 20 най-вероятно ще съдържа български превод без нужда от допълнителна инсталация. Причината за сегашната ситуация е, че българският превод беше завършен след появата на Алфа 19.

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