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Are walls too expensive?


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In my opinion walls are a bit too expensive, especially on carthaginians.

It costs around 2000 stone to build a decent wall for an average civ, and around 4000 stone for carthaginians (I get it, they are three times as strong).

But turtling isn't really a late game strategy, but an early game strategy. By the time you have put up those walls, the enemy has already rushed/boomed you long time ago. Because of the cost, people will rarely ever build walls because those resources can be put to much better use and battering rams quickly destroy your walls anyways.

I think walls need to be cheaper like in AoE.

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Yeah walls sould be cheaper and stronger!. You build a wall to Protect your city not to trow away resources so they can be easly destroyed. Same for all towers types... And i also think they sould only be destroyble by siege engines so you get a goal to build them. WHen walls are up nobody can rush you anymore with rush builds but need to research new tech and build siege engines to attack a walled city.

only wooden towers/walls can be attacked with fire arrows but takes a long time and need a tech for archer units.

Every nation sould have different wall hp and cost but not to exspencive.

Then you get different unit's having different roles for different jobs: meaning many different game style,s.

I think it's time to finally get a realistic system so everything got a role.

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I disagree

Walls have been seriously buffed in this last update, due to the fact that they are the only building that cannot be captured, meaning that if your enemies civ does not have soldiers with crush damage, or they don't have rams, they will have a bad time getting into your base (yes catapults also have crush damage but they are nowhere near as efficient as rams). Making walls cheaper would really nerf a lot of civs indirectly as more people would build them.

If you are afraid of getting rushed 5 or so minutes into the game then that's what wooden walls are for, however very few people use rush tactics in the game at the moment (at least as far as I have seen).

Furthermore if you have played the game enough and you know how to set up a decent economy you can definitely build an entire wall around your base before phase 3 (I personally don't do it because I find that a few towers can protect my base well enough, also that stone allows me to build my army up faster so I'm the first to attack, but even still if you like to play defensive and build a wall then you can do so in phase 2 easily).

Buffing walls defences is also a bad idea, it would take ages to destroy with normal champs (which would mean they take more damage), and would make every game take so much longer as walls can be rebuilt super fast.

In my opinion walls are perfectly balanced at the moment, maybe rams should be nerfed a bit, increasing the price would be the best way to do it, because rams are more of a late game feature and for a good late game economy 1250 wood and metal (a batch of five) is a measly price for the amount of damage they do. Also it would make the price decrease upgrades more useful and worth it.

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What I mean't to say is if you are a civ with no crush damaging champs, for example, Spartan hoptiles, and your enemy has surrounded themselves with walls, then it is much more effective to build 5 rams, and spare 25 champs. However if the price of rams increased, then it would be much harder, and much more risky to build them. I mean a good economy with markets should have at least 6000+ metal, building a batch of 5 rams should be able to make a big enough dent to your economy so that their usage is a bit riskier, and they are less overpowered.

However I do not think that rams are as overpowered as in the last version, I was just pointing out that the best way to buff walls (if you wanted to) is to nerf rams.

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