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Unit voices - Translations in Sanskrit

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I've been studying some bases of Sanskrit so that I can contribute to Mauryan voices. As a first step, here are the translations I made using the Monier-Williams English-Sanskrit Dictionary. Some grammatical mistakes might be present, so if anyone has some knowledge of Sanskrit they can voice their opinion.

Some forms may be a bit long, so maybe it's better to change some strings (for instance, saying "Fisherman" instead of "I will fish" would probably be better).

Thanks in advance!

What is it? — kim asti? — किम् अस्ति?
My lord? — svāmin? — स्वामिन्?
I will walk — yāsyāmi — यास्यामि
I will fight — yudhiṣyāmi — युधिष्यामि
I will build — nirmmāsyāmi — निर्म्मास्यामि
I will work land — kṣetram kariṣyāmi — क्षेत्रम् करिष्यामि
I will gather together — cesyāmi — चेस्यामि
I will herd — yūthaṣaḥ saṇganiṣyāmi — यूथषः सण्गनिष्यमि
I will fish — matspān grahīsyāmi — मत्स्पान् ग्रहीस्यामि

I will attack! — ākrāmisyāmi — आक्रामिस्यामि
I will repair — pratisanādhāsyāmi — प्रतिसनाधास्यामि
I will hunt — mṛgayisyāmi — मृगयिस्यामि
I will heal — shamayisyāmi — शमयिस्यामि
I will march! — yātrām kariṣyāmi — यात्राम् करिष्यामि
I will retreat! — palāyisyāmi — पलायिस्यामि
I will oversee — upadrakṣyāmi — उपद्रक्ष्यामि

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