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I am a junior Computer Science major at the University of Notre Dame. Our Data Structures project required us to identify a piece of open source software, and make improvements to four data structures that we found in the project. My other three partners and I are huge fans of strategy games and hence we were immediately attracted to 0AD. We are relatively new and inexperienced developers so we would welcome and appreciate any help or suggestions you might have for us going forward. Is there a particular area of the game or data structure that you think we should look at? What file/function should we look at in order to make a change that will meaningfully impact the game?
Thank you for your time and assistance and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Vaishnav Murthy

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I went and split this from the known bugs topic as it deserves its own :) Hopefully the programmers will see this soon and be able to direct you to areas where your help would be most useful.

To make the most of the time while you're waiting for that reply, please take a look at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ and more specifically GettingStartedProgrammers and the linked resources on that page.

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It would be helpful to know if you're more interested to work on C++ or JavaScript data structures. What would you consider as meaningful? And is there a deadline?

Something that comes to my mind is a data structure that allows story telling on trigger maps. It should be easy to edit for map designer / story teller not knowing how to code, nevertheless machine readable - maybe a JSON/XML layout - and can deal with an event driven environment, models preferably a tree like time line moving forward based on a set of specific conditions combinable by boolean operations.

If you now think push based functional reactive programming might be an applicable paradigm, well, then go ahead. :)

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There is a data structure we have to update and clean up, which is the spatial subdivision used by the range manager (for line-of-sight, fog-of-war, etc.). The relevant ticket is #2430.

Even if a patch was proposed by wraitii, a member of the programming team, we still haven't taken any decision regarding it.

Moreover, many data structures were modified by RedFox and the majority of these changes had to be amended for several reasons: optimization is necessary but must be done without introducing bugs, which is difficult. Maybe other data structures are in the same situation, but they don't come to my mind right now.

I don't know to what extend you have to "make improvements" yourselves or if you can review, clean up and improve patches, but this topic is a central and complicated topic in the current state of the development and it would be interesting for you and great for us if you could make things move in this area!

Thanks for your interest! :D

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