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Animal Suggestion?

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Don't we have those reptiles listed already? Crocodiles are in for sure, though they can't travel as far into the sea as they can in reality where they easily reach sand banks hundreds of kilometres into the open water.

Which cat? Isn't a lion(ess) a cat too. The modern cat somehow is not yet that important. It might be added for the 0AD Fantasy Version or the Modern Epcoh Add-On pack. Or had the Romans cats like we know them?

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Here is a list of creatures that I would like to see eventually represented in the game's North African, Mediterranean, and Near Eastern biomes.

Bactrian Camel
Auroch (the ancestor of modern domestic cattle)
Onager (wild donkey)
Ibex (wild goat)
Arabian Oryx
Fallow Deer
Roe Deer

Rock Hyrax (coney)
Indian Rhinoceros (featured on the Deir el-Bahri reliefs of Hatshepsut, as well as on the Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III).
Egyptian Mongoose
Striped Hyena
Golden Jackal
Fennec Fox
Syrian Brown Bear
Egyptian Cat (domestic)

Grey Heron
Common Crane
Sacred Ibis
Black-headed Gull
Egyptian Goose
Mallard Duck
Common Raven
Barn Owl
Golden Eagle
Egyptian Vulture
Lappet-faced Vulture
Griffon Vulture

Green Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Mediterranean Tortoise
Egyptian Tortoise
Egyptian Mastigure (a type of large lizard)
Horned Viper
Rhamphorhynchus (probably the "fiery flying serpent" of the Israelite wilderness wanderings; can possibly be bioluminescent)
Behemoth (a large sauropod dinosaur; see Job 40:15-24)
Leviathan (a giant fire-breathing crocodile, like the extinct Sarcosuchus; see Job 41)

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