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Lions Mod. At first DLC Expansion for 0.AD


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May be many of them can be in final release.

I want to create a "mod" where players can find contrnido and extra gameplay under the supervision of COM and WFG team, do this group of extras modifications would be something like a small expansion to the game, and as an artistic contribution from me to you guys

For now this a little scratchy

Mini factions:

Mercenaries and Gaia Neutral from Subfactions

Marcenary Camp These places are special sites located near Native Mercenaries of each biomes, settlements or along Trade Routes. An Explorer or a Settler can build the Marcenary Camp on one of these pre-placed sites. If built at a Native settlement, it establishes an alliance with the tribe there. If built near a Trade Route it establishes a post where the passing trade unit - a Travois, Stage Coach or Train - delivers goods as it passes. Allying with Natives allows a player to train special Native units, usually warriors, and also grants access to a group of improvements to that tribe. Native units do not cost any population spaces, but can only be built in limited numbers. Building a Marcenary Camp is a good way to supplement resource gathering or the speed at which you may request Shipments from the Home City. An improvement in the Marcenary Camp increases the speed at wich the trade unit delivers goods. The route starts out serviced by a lone Travois. As you improve it, it becomes a Stage Coach and finally a Train. Anyone who builds a Marcenary Camp along a Trade Route is granted line of sight around the trade unit. This means that as the trade unit passes into the Fog of War or completely unexplored areas, you will be able to see what is immediatly beyond the Train.

BUt the Mercenary need a List of Warriors I do it One.

List units to do.


How works the Minifaction in a Map?

indigenous peoples that live on the maps where battles take place in 0.AD. They start off as neutral players and simply go about the business of building their own civilizations. While not that difficult to wipe out, the true strategy lies in making peace with them and bringing them in to your civilization. These native tribes hold the secrets to the lands they live on, and any player wily enough to make peace and ally with them will receive extremely powerful bonuses. Your entire army can hit for much more damage, or you can research technology twice as fast! These bonuses are permanent as well--as long as the player keeps the native tribe alive. Such an advantage can easily turn the tide against any enemy, and it adds a whole new layer of strategy--past the standard "destroy anything that moves" type of thinking.


Now my idea is use these ideas to improved the skirmish, scenarios and may be random map




Pontus: greeks and persian mix

Altaernates to real one, Lusitans, Thebans, African, Pontos, Armenian,Jews,Galatians,Numidians.

should still be at least relatively associated with the playable civs and have the possibility of having been encountered by at least one of them, while also taking into consideration that some of these "minor civs" could have enough going for them that they could be full playable factions later on. for example, the Japanese (specifically of the Yamato period) fall into 0ad's timeframe, as does Han China and the Mayans (all three of which are among my top proposals for later civs to be included). that's why i suggest civs that are already partly included via units for a given civ (Israelites/Judaeans via the Ptolemies, Mauritanians via the Carthaginians, Babylonians via the Persians, etc.) and then considering other civs we know that the various playable factions encountered historically

Phase Pass Selector:

Similar to the "minor gods" system in and Age of Empires III uses a "Politician System" to grant bonuses on a successful advancement to another phase. When the player chooses to advance to the next age, who is given the choice of two or more "Politicians" in my mod can be Dynasties like Total War. that provide them with a different bonus on choosing them. The Dynasty is given a generalized title from the period that usually reflects the bonus that it gives.

How works in AoM

Every time a player advances to the next age, a "minor god" is selected. Minor gods are slightly less significant historically than their major counterparts. Some minor gods include Bast andAphrodite.[10] All gods grant the player unique technologies, myth units, and a unique "god power"A one-time special ability that can either damage an opponent, or benefit the player that uses it.

so we can do it.

his is similar to the technological phases presented in similar RTS franchises. Before the player can progress to the next phase, a choice between two historical politicians in this case dynaties, are presented, with a different bonus being associated with either one.



Reversible Technologies

More Technologies;

Adding Largest tech tree.

may be 10 level per pair.

Increasing Support

and Special units

Scouts- Fast, but unarmed. Use Counterintelligence to destroy enemy Spies and to remove Informers. -When Explorers arent moving they cant normally be seen by most enemy units. -Can spot hidden enemy units

Merchants are unique resource gatherers, which allow you to acquire rare resources such as Wine, Diamonds and Horses. To activate this unique attribute, you need to deploy a merchant next to a rare resource to claim it.

Spy- Can Bribe enemy combat units to join your nation.Can plant Informers to gain information on enemy buildings and units.Can use Counterintelligence to destroy enemy Spies and to remove Informers.


is a feature available in the Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs expansion. It allows player' to revolt from their home country and form a new political entity with additional unit types and specific bonuses, but prevents advancement into the Imperial Age.

The feature is only available to European civilizations. Revolting is an alternative to the Imperial Age allowing a choice of one of two revolutionary leaders per civilization, each with different bonuses. Once revolution is researched, the Home City flag will change to the flag of the relevant new country and no previously available Home City shipments can be sent from the current Home City deck. However, a new deck of four separate shipments will become available and can be sent for an indefinite amount. No new Settlers can be produced and all existing Settlers turn into Colonial Militia.

how works in AOE.

An interesting new feature added is the 'Revolution' option, which is an alternative to aging to the Imperial Age. Once in the Industrial Age, you have the option of aging to the Imperial Age, or paying 1000 food, 1000 wood and 1000 gold to revolt. Only the European civilizations are able to revolt. In a 1v1 game, only one player is allowed to revolt; i.e. if you revolt, your opponent will not be able to, and vice versa. Likewise, in a team game, if a player on one team revolts, any players on the opposing team will not be able to.

So what does a Revolution actually do? If you choose to revolt you will be given two different 'Revolutionaries' to choose from (acting like the standard politicians when you age up normally), each with their own bonus. The Revolutionaries are different for each European civilization. When the revolution is complete your home city and deck is replaced with a new home city and deck, with 4 new cards available: shipping more Militia, Gatling Guns, Ironclads and Fort Wagons, each of which can be sent infinite times. All the player's settlers will change into colonial militia, and the player will not be able to train any more; so the players economy will grind to a halt, although Fishing Boats will still be able to fish for food and coin, and the player can still generate resources through Trading Posts, Factories and if Dutch, Banks. It is also worth noting that the Germans can still train Settler Wagons. The upside is that the player who revolts has a military advantage due to weight of numbers, putting the Imperialist player on the back foot.

Sorry Im Working in this.

I need investigate the real features by developers to introduce to you this experience DLC .

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