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Reimbursing Jan (going to speak about 0 A.D. at conference)


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Jan and leper are going to give two talks about 0 A.D. at Linuxwochen 2014 in Vienna (takes place between May 8th-May 10th, leper was the one who had contact with them the latest so I don't have any more specific dates for the talks), and I promised (based on previous cases) that we could reimburse him (/them) for parts of the costs they have for things like travel etc. Below is Jan's costs for travel and hotel, how much do you think we could reimburse him? We do have enough money that we could probably cover it all, but we should remember that we do have other costs + leper will probably want to be reimbursed as well (though iirc his travel costs are a lot cheaper so it would probably have to be a tradeoff between justice and not spending more than we have to). + Wraitii wants to go speak about 0 A.D. at something similar in France later this year, and there will most likely be more things like this in the future. To some extent this needs to serve as a precedent as we haven't really had to decide on this scale before. The only other similar thing previously was something like $25 for Aviv to travel to another city in Israel, so that's not really comparable.

Hi Erik,

Everything is booked. Prices in euros. Plane ticket is the cheapest I could find with a reasonable travel time. I excluded the ones with 10+ hours travel time on return flight, though those did cost 20 euros less. But that isn't worth it for me honestly. This one has 3.5 hour return flight, with one stop in Zurich. That seems reasonable enough.

Tickets 204.39
Booking costs 27.00
Cancellation insurance 24.50
Travel insurance 18.60
Total price 274.49

Hotel isn't cheapest I could find to be honest, but it is within walking distance of the conference. That's very useful for me as with my visual disability it saves me from having to navigate public transit systems... which is quite frankly a pain for me. Also it will save some public transport costs.

Per night 60,00
Tourist tax 9,60
Total price depends on amount of nights

I actually booked five nights, because I'll be spending some time exploring Vienna as well.

Flights between Amsterdam and Vienna that I could book were in the evenings, so for entire conference I would need 3 nights in a hotel, for just the 0 A.D. talks I'd need two nights in a hotel. The conference ends earlier on the last day, which is good because I can take a plane back the same day then.

Any expenses you can cover would of course be much appreciated. Do whatever seems reasonable to you.


My thinking is that covering all of it (even excluding the nights he'd spend "on vacation") is probably too much from a financial point of view, but on the other hand the money in our accounts doesn't exactly do us any good just sitting there, so we probably don't have to be too conservative. Maybe one of you have a better idea for more exactly what is a good number though.

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I suggest covering the two 0 A.D.-related nights at the hotel and 40% of the flight costs (proportion of reported 0 A.D.-related hotel nights out of total).

According to my calculations that is:

Travel: 275 * 0.4 = EUR 110

Lodging: 2 * 60 + 10 = EUR 130

Total: EUR 240 which are about USD 330.


Reference: http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Travel_policy

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As we all are in agreement I think we can move forward without hesitation. Aviv, would you like to contact SPI (alternatively Jan to get info to transfer the money directly from e.g. one of our non-SPI accounts, it just feels as if it's nicer to do things via them if possible) and ask them to help out with reimbursing Jan?

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