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how change garrison functions


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I have a question, i want garrsion elephants in my 0ad mod!, but i have a question:

Qhat i need edit for make it??? "i only edited: actors, entites, and technologies, but this files are Javascript files, and i have this question "what is the difference behind a building and a ship on garrison in 0AD code"?

and what i need mod for make it?

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i moddes my 0ad elephants this ids the template unit of elephants

champion_melee_elephants is only used by Gajendra

the rest of elephants use it:

<Entity parent="template_unit_champion_cavalry">  <Armour>    <Hack>4</Hack>    <Pierce>5</Pierce>    <Crush>6</Crush>  </Armour>  <Attack>    <Ranged>      <Hack>54.0</Hack>      <Pierce>60.0</Pierce>      <Crush>0.0</Crush>      <MaxRange>96</MaxRange>      <MinRange>0.0</MinRange>      <ProjectileSpeed>90.0</ProjectileSpeed>      <PrepareTime>1200</PrepareTime>      <RepeatTime>2000</RepeatTime>      <Spread>1.2</Spread>      <Bonuses>        <BonusPrimary>          <Classes>Infantry Bow</Classes>          <Multiplier>2.0</Multiplier>        </BonusPrimary>        <BonusSecondary>          <Classes>Cavalry Sword</Classes>          <Multiplier>1.5</Multiplier>        </BonusSecondary>      </Bonuses>    </Ranged>  </Attack>  <Cost>    <Resources>      <food>100</food>      <wood>70</wood>    </Resources>  </Cost>  <Identity>    <Classes datatype="tokens">Ranged Javelin</Classes>    <GenericName>Champion Cavalry Skirmisher</GenericName>    <Tooltip>Classes: Champion Ranged Cavalry Skirmisher.Counters: 2x vs. Archers, 1.5x vs. Cavalry Swordsmen.Countered by: Spearmen and Elephants.</Tooltip>  </Identity>  <Obstruction>    <Unit radius="1.0"/>  </Obstruction>  <Health>    <Max>400</Max>  </Health>  <Sound>    <SoundGroups>      <select>actor/fauna/animal/elephant_select.xml</select>      <order_walk>actor/fauna/animal/elephant_order.xml</order_walk>      <order_attack>actor/fauna/animal/elephant_attack.xml</order_attack>      <attack>actor/fauna/animal/elephant_attack.xml</attack>      <death>actor/fauna/animal/elephant_death.xml</death>      <trained>actor/fauna/animal/elephant_trained.xml</trained>    </SoundGroups>  </Sound>  <UnitMotion>    <WalkSpeed>14.0</WalkSpeed>    <Run>      <Speed>28.0</Speed>      <Range>1000.0</Range>      <RangeMin>10.0</RangeMin>    </Run>  </UnitMotion></Entity>
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