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Foundations under attack


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Decision: When constructing buildings construction must be continued until the foundation reaches 100% health which is when the building counts as completed.

(Implemented as of [13263])

Ticket: http://trac.wildfire...com/ticket/1853


As the fix for #1809 reintroduced the ability to construct damaged buildings (the finished building doesn't have full health) and there was no real consensus thus I am asking for a decision.

There are two possibilites on how to handle this:

  • Include the ability to construct buildings in a damaged state (when the foundation was damaged during construction). (Currently implemented)
  • Require builders to keep building until the foundation reaches 100% health.

Discussion with some arguments for both cases.

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Note final decision. Link to relevant commit.
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Summarising the discussion.

Building construction is independent of health. Constructed buildings may not have full health.

  • It is easier to complete a structure, enemy damage will only affect the final state of the building.
  • Buildings rising from the ground reflect the construction progress.

Building construction is entirely indicated by health. Buildings are only completed when they reach 100% health.

  • It is easier to prevent buildings from being completed, if the damage rate > build rate then the structure will never be finished.
  • Simple, only 1 value for the player to be aware of.
  • The rising building effect needs to be worked out. Should it sink or just stop rising?
  • Damage is repaired at no cost during construction.

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Not so shortly but never mind. A decision will now be made.

I am in favour of the 100% health method. My key reasons are:

  • Simplicity, there is only 1 attribute which is health.
  • Buildings are strong, I don't want them to be easier to build when the enemy is attacking. Construction should be discouraged in a combat situation.

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I am in favor of linking health and completion percentage. For reasons which have been mentioned + realism (it's one thing to wait until a building is finished before you start using it, but once you've started using it you don't stop just because a window is broken or a tile on the roof has fallen off).

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