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Should we be able to build stairs on mountains?


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I find that not being able to reach on the top of the impassible cliff to be unrealistic. Same feeling that we're not able to build bridge over the water and we must use transportation ship instead.

I propose a solution below:

Without building flying transporation, we should be able to carve cliff's stone slowly into a stair that would grant an access to the top of the impassible cliff. It would take a while to accomplish based on cliff height. The stair placement has similar effects as dock placement but must be placed on cliff instead of shore.





This would allow towers to be at higher ground and give more LOS based its ground height.

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It could be something that a peasant constructs himself automatically to make a shorter route once a tech has been researched. It would make an acropolis hill in a Greek settlement look pretty and act as a core of a settlement without bottlenecks.

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