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Ticket for in-game tutorial

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I have a professional microphone but that has to be amplified before plugging into a PC. I only got a guitar amplifier and the frequencies to adjust doesn't fit voice frequencies. I bought an amplifier construction kit that was really cheap (~15 $/12 €) but has very good stats (indeed the price of a ready to use amplifier greatly depends on the casing and its style, not the electronics). A microphone of cause is not that cheep (Shure offers decent microphones for 100 € /130 $ for example). The according environment is an other issue.

Since I don't think my English pronunciation wouldn't pass any kind of quality test I'm out for English tutorials :sorry: ...but later in game development I could do the German ones.

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Before the release I would like to make a basic tutorial scenario using a custom AI. It would teach basic movement, building, training and fighting. It can use the AI script to see the players units and then send chat messages with instructions.

That would be really cool.

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