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Missing names


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I've notice some units and building don't have a historical name.

Some of them:

- Celtic Tavern (special structure) and Celtic Fanatic

- Italian Allied Swordsman (recruit from the Italian Embassy of the Carthaginian)

Do these units and building were actually existed in history or they're just added for gameplay purpose?

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Italian/Samnite swordsmen indeed existed. I just don't know what they were called.

maybe it's better call them "Italic swordsmen" instead of "Italian swordsmen".

About Samnite soldiers, they was similar to greek hoplites, and after they evolves in formations similar to roman maniples, changing their equipment. There was a special corp called Legio Linteata, similar to the theban Sacred Band, but probably they don't fit with the game purpose of cart embassies, because they weren't mercenaries.

Playing with Carts, i see that in UI Naval shipyard is called /Naval shipyard/ and also /Italian swordsmen/

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Gaesata = Celtic Spearman, currently. Although they could be renamed to "Gaeroa", which leaves the fanatics open to Gaesatae. (on whom I think they are indeed based)

Agreed! Now we only need the stamp of approval from the devs. :)

Also, I suggest the name "Cothon" (Greek: κώθων) for the Carthaginian Naval Port. The name do not specific the naval port, but it's a term used for inner port such as that of Carthage.

Wikipedia articles mentions the Carthage ports and the usage of the word "Cothon"



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I think I've found two Greek names for the Carthaginian Sacred Band

Generic name: Sacred Band of Baal (Champion Pikemen in-game with the name Mašal)

Specific name: Hieròs Lóchos Baʿal (Hieròs Lóchos means "sacred battalion" in Greek)


Generic name: Sacred Band of Astarte (special unit)

Specific name: Hieròs Lóchos Astártē

Actually these are not the names that the Carthaginians used to refer to their own Sacred Band but these are what the Greek probably have used to call them. So this wouldn't be included in game but at least it can provide some bases for others to find more appropriate names. :unsure:

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