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Origin of Wildfire Games and Reverie Studios

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Getting a little nostalgic recently.

I seem to recall that Wildfire Games and Reverie Studios were originally offshoots of the famous AoE2 scenario/modding studios SCNPunk and Tsunami Studios.

I wonder if anyone can fill me in on the details :) This is actually a very interesting subject if I recall, but I never did get many details.

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If you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

WFG wasn't directly affiliated with SCNPunk, WFS was focused on modding - not scenario design. However, they "sponsored" us which allowed us to get website and forum hosting through Heaven Games. We (Tsunami, Woad Creations, etc..) were a part of the SCNPunk Network.

Reverie Studios (initially lead by Micah H.) and WFS didn't really have a direct connection other than we launched into game development around the same time and had roots in AoKH. If I recall correctly Konstantin (EX-T from SCNPunk) didn't join Reverie until a few years later.

I think there was a little friendly competition in the early days that encouraged both groups to make some great progress.

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