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A Piece Of Music For 0 A. D.

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I guess that making music for 0 A. D. is just not really what I am cut out for, as I am more keen on making crazy electronic beats and playing viking metal anyway! I just thought I would have a go, seeing as the opportunity was there.

I really like your version of the celtic peace track a lot, so please don't give up on it yet :)

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Omri, thanks for the detailed explanation. I can clearly see what you are after now and understand your concerns. I hope you don't feel I was piling on. I am a musician and sometimes my opinions and passion get the best of me biggrin.gif.

Sebastian, I wasn't trying to distort what you wanted in the score, I was trying to throw in my opinion and ideas as well! brow.gif

The best of musicians are very opinionated, I like what both of you have done thus far - very professional. Sebastian, give it one more go. I understand where Omri is coming from but a little tension between folks on the creative team can lead to great results. Look at The Beatles.


PS - Omri, I noticed you are from Israel, you familiar with my buddy Amit Poznansky? According to him everyone knows him there!

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mrhankey, I am touched that you seem to have registered on the forum just to ask me to carry on with my track. For this reason alone, I will make a third draft over the next few days (I think I have the house to myself on Sunday, always good for a spot of recording).

Kenny, I guessed you were throwing your opinion in, but you did it just after saying something like "I'm inclined to agree with Sebastian..." so I thought it looked a bit like you thought that what you were saying was also what I was saying :).

Haha, it is strange how music causes such strong opinions in us musicians, when it is supposed to be a universal language uniting humanity across cultural and linguistic barriers. I find it is difficult to express these opinions without causing some controversy, especially when adding internet forums to the equation. I think we are managing OK though.

Omri, for me the process of the creation of a piece of music is as much about crafting the sound as the notes, so if you were to rerecord the parts, you would actually be significantly altering what I would consider to be my input. Especially if you redo the percussion, as I consider that to be equal to the other parts, and very key to the overall feel and groove of the track. I would much rather have a go myself, and see what I can come up with. Also I am not keen to replace the drone with a pipe drone, as I am attempting to create something reminiscent of the carnyx, I think the current sound can be good, it just needs clearing up somewhat.

The way I work is through recording, improvising and programming rather than composing a score and then playing it, the whole thing takes shape as a whole, rather than in separate processes. As an example of what I mean: the delay used in original was a compositional device, not just an effect (Kenny understands).

This is why it would seem to me like you would pretty much be redoing the whole thing yourself.

As concerns wanting to participate in the game score, I would really like to bring something to 0 A. D., and music and play testing are pretty much the only relevant things I can do to help. I am so pleased to see an open source RTS that looks good, promises good gameplay, and isn't just a clone of some existing game where you still need the original game files to play. It is the first "proper" open source RTS I have found (certainly on Mac anyway), and I like that it promises innovation over imitation, or at least a good blend of the two.

So yes, I will make a third draft, and then we'll see.

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Some of the instruments used ( percussion-wise) remind me a bit of the original age of empires. I wish someone could copy a few soundbits of that soundtrack as audio easter egg for the fans of the series or compose a track with instrument samples used by age of empires.

I like the track though ! only Weak spot: maybe the pan flute melody.

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