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I thought I would start a new topic just for this subject. Feel free to move it to a more appropriate place.

Today's balance $1,012.66

$814 in 10 days in impressive. I honestly wasn't expecting that result. Donations range from $5 - $100. Paypals (or Pledgie?) fees are also not to nice it looks variable 10% on the smaller transactions to 4.2% on the larger.

Here are a few comments:

To the 0A.D. devs, I study History at university, and cool historically based RTS' were a big part of getting men enthusiastic about it, during childhood. Keep up the great work! Thank you for going open source with this project, and for producing Linux builds, it's much appreciated. Jon Pritchard

Good luck on the game! - From Korneel Guns

0 A.D. looks great, I have not yet played it but I am sure I will get around to it soon. Regardless I am happy to support open development of games. Continue to amaze us all over at OMG! Ubuntu!

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Yup, some very keen donators. Here are some stats:

Total Pledged: $824.00 in 10 days

Average Pledge: $22.89

Largest Pledge: $100.00 (from two people)

Smallest Donation: $3

With continued advertising of the pledgie, and if we get a few more Linux Games sites doing interviews (who's in charge of advertising? i.e. who submits 0 A.D. details, if anyone, to various game sites?), it looks like we could easily hit the $3,000 target.

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@Jeru Great. If you can add a list of any other ones you update since you made that list, and also add the version each website refers to (i.e. A1, A2, or A3) so it's easy to see at a glance, what needs updating.

Then I can help out by submitting updates to the ones that haven't been done yet.

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It has been a while since I gave a report. The current balance is $5,178.19.

Philip's last payment for his second week of work was Dec 15th, 2011 and it looks like he is close to receiving another when he completes his day 15.

A notable donor was Steven Fuchs who gave $500 on 1/29! Here is to you Steven :cheers:

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I would like to put up a periodic 0 A.D. Financial Report on the website. So far I have this:

In the interest of transparency, the Wildfire Games team would like to report on the finances of the project.

0 A.D. has funds held in trust for it in two places: (1) In an account run by Software in the Public Interest, Inc. and (2) also in a private account in the USA, operated by former project leader Jason Bishop (Wijitmaker).

SPI Earmark for 0 A.D.

As of 2013-07-10, 0 A.D. has an balance of $5743.51 in SPI's account.

The bulk of that ($4,140) comes from funds raised in two Pledgie fundraising drives in 2010-2012 (<a href="https://pledgie.com/campaigns/14160">#1</a>, <a href="http://pledgie.com/campaigns/16218">#2</a>). $6451 were raised and $2310.72 of that was spent on development of 0 A.D. by Philip Taylor (Ykkrosh).

The rest of our funds come from ongoing small donations via PayPal and SPI.

On 2013-08-09, the 0 A.D. treasury committee and an SPI board member approved an agreement with contractor Jorma Rebane (RedFox) will cost a total of $3,310, or approximately 80% of the Pledgie funds.

The contractor is set to perform the following duties:


<li>To enhance the memory performance and allocation of the game, its GUI rendering and implementation, and add a new efficient and feature-rich text rendering module.</li>

<li>To overview implementation of code architecture and design decisions, while also consulting other developers.</li>

<li>To review patches submitted by other developers.</li>

<li>To assist the programming team in efficient task management.</li>

<li>To publicly report on his activities to the team and the fans no less than twice per week, with the intent of encouraging public interest in and engagement with the game, as well as inviting new contributions from the FOSS community.</li>


You can follow up on Jorma's contributions on the forums. (Add link)

A monthly report of funds held by SPI in trust for 0 A.D. are available on the SPI website appears under "<a href="http://spi-inc.org/meetings/minutes/">approved minutes of past meetings</a>".

How much money do we have in the private bank account? Do we have any money anywhere else? (E.g. flattr?) How much?

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