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better physics in 0 A.D.


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What parts do you think it should be used for?

There are technical reasons why it's quite difficult to have complex physics that affects gameplay (our multiplayer system relies on deterministic computation but physics libraries usually rely on floating-point). In AoE3 it was purely a graphical effect; I think CoH may have been the same but can't remember it well. So we could probably do some kind of ragdoll death animations, with a bit of effort to set up the skeleton data files to support that. AoE3 also had destructible buildings, which are hard because they require a load of artist effort to split the building into dozens of tiny fragments, and I don't think we have the resources to spend on that, and we don't have lots of cannons that would make buildings frequently break apart like that. Are there other things we could use physics for?

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in AOE 3 there where physics look other RTS games there are physics

Yes, I would like to see things like rolling catapult rocks and bouncing scorpion bolts and units falling dead correctly (hitting objects as they fall, rolling down hill, etc.). But these would only be graphical things and wouldn't affect actual gameplay. Even things like trampling could be achieved without a physics engine. :victory:

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