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If you could ... where would it be?

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Seems as the activity in the forums have hit a new low? :P It's sad. And yeah, it'll bounce back up when the game are getting close to completion. However, we should keep SOME level of activity while waiting. right? :P

So it's simple, this thread.

If you can travel ANYWHERE, get a nice house, nice car and all the other stuff you might need, for 1 month, where would it be? And what would you do?

Don't go like "EUROPE", at least try writing a country. Preferably a city :P

So to answer my own question, I would choose New York. Great city. Awesome city.

I'd probably go see concerts, artworks, visit famous places, try climbing the statue of liberty and just go around as a tourist. Would also try visiting "outside" of NYC, suburbs and communities.

Would be fun.

How about... YOU? :)

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Although this may sound like a typical trip of a recently graduated high school student, my friend and I are planning to visit Europe this summer. We'll start in Spain for the running of the bulls, then to Rome, Sicily, fly up to London, Eurostar to Trier and then of course, Amsterdam. After that our itinerary is sort of open-ended to whatever we see fit to finish off the rest of the trip. I'd estimate ~2-3 weeks.

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Arizona, or maybe Singapore.

What would I do? Nothing really, invite close family and just relax for a month.

I used to live in Europe and have visited several times since. Some very beautiful places but from what I have seen of Arizona and many places in China/Asia, my pick would have to go to them.

Oh but if I had to pick a European country it would be Spain or maybe Sweden in the summer time.

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Sweden in the winter is nice too :) At least when we get a real winter like this year, depends on whether you like snow or not though I guess :) (On the other hand I assume you see enough snow in Canada)

I saw some wonderful pictures of nice rolling hills in California on one of the former WFG members facebook page, seems really beautiful. The highlands in Scotland seems really nice as well, and it would be nice to see the Andes. Hmm, most places with nice mountains/hills would be nice actually. Plus many other places, but in general I'd say I'm more interested in going places because of the nature than because of interesting cities or so. Haven't really been to many big cities so perhaps I just have to get used to them to like them :)

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