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Building problem - Error 1 on Make

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Ok, I've downloaded the trunk/ with svn, but when I run:

cd trunk/libraries/fcollada/src/ && make

I get this error:

bash -c 'mkdir -p output/{debug,release}/{FCollada/{FCDocument,FMath,FUtils},FColladaPlugins/FArchiveXML}'
g++ -W -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-unused-function -DLINUX -fpic -O0 -g -D_DEBUG -IFCollada -I/usr/include/libxml2 -c FCollada/FCollada.cpp -o output/debug/FCollada/FCollada.o
In file included from FCollada/FCollada.h:49,
from FCollada/StdAfx.h:13,
from FCollada/FCollada.cpp:9:
FCollada/FUtils/FUtils.h:91:25: error: libxml/tree.h: Ficheiro ou directoria inexistente
make: *** [output/debug/FCollada/FCollada.o] Error 1

Sorry for the portuguese language, but it says that the file tree.h doesn't exits.

Indeed, in trunk/libraries/fcollada/src/FCollada/LibXML there is no tree.h, only in trunk/libraries/fcollada/include/LibXML.

It was supposed to be that way? I see that some people could build this, so I'm getting suspicious with this.

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I've updated the build instructions page to explicitly list libxml-dev now - hopefully that'll be enough to make it work.

Correct package name is libxml2-dev, I guess it should be fixed as well.

And by the way thanks for a wonderful brilliant amazing game! You absolutely rock!

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