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  1. I'm sorry to have to resort to this technique, but if you don't put this translation on the os page, I'll have to kill this cat. Jokes aside, please, pretty please, put this page up. It's translated to Portuguese (from Portugal, different from the one already there, from Brazil). Kitty thanks you!
  2. Hi all! Here it is: my translation to Portuguese (from Portugal!) of the os.wildfiregames.com page! If there is any problem, just say something! And the right menu:
  3. Hi all. Sorry for the delay on the reply, but since I'm working in my own translation for Portuguese (Portugal), and they're very similar (though not equal), I just wanted to drop a warning here for you: Where the translation says: "0 A.D. é gratuito, multi-plataforma, em desenvolvimento, 3D, Baseado na história, Jogo de Estratégia em Tempo Real (RTS)." It should read: "0 A.D. é um jogo de Estratégia em Tempo Real (RTS), gratuito, multi-plataforma, 3D, baseado em eventos históricos, que está atualmente em desenvolvimento." The original translation is really hard to understand, and it seems like it has been translated using an auto tool, like google translate. Thanks! PS: There is a spelling error in "Nós estamos fazendo isso como um Trabalho-em-Progesso, Projeto Pré-Aplha". It should read "Projecto Pré-Alpha"
  4. You were correct. After installing libxml++2.6-dev, I was able to compile. Thank you.
  5. Ok, I've downloaded the trunk/ with svn, but when I run: cd trunk/libraries/fcollada/src/ && make I get this error: bash -c 'mkdir -p output/{debug,release}/{FCollada/{FCDocument,FMath,FUtils},FColladaPlugins/FArchiveXML}' g++ -W -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-unused-function -DLINUX -fpic -O0 -g -D_DEBUG -IFCollada -I/usr/include/libxml2 -c FCollada/FCollada.cpp -o output/debug/FCollada/FCollada.o In file included from FCollada/FCollada.h:49, from FCollada/StdAfx.h:13, from FCollada/FCollada.cpp:9: FCollada/FUtils/FUtils.h:91:25: error: libxml/tree.h: Ficheiro ou directoria inexistente make: *** [output/debug/FCollada/FCollada.o] Error 1 Sorry for the portuguese language, but it says that the file tree.h doesn't exits. Indeed, in trunk/libraries/fcollada/src/FCollada/LibXML there is no tree.h, only in trunk/libraries/fcollada/include/LibXML. It was supposed to be that way? I see that some people could build this, so I'm getting suspicious with this.
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